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Cornelia Sindermann cornelia.sindermann at uni-ulm.de
Mi Okt 19 12:42:04 CEST 2022

Dear colleagues, 

starting on 01 January 2023, I will build a new research group at the University of Stuttgart within IRIS3D (https://www.iris.uni-stuttgart.de/research/iris3d/).
The research group will focus on investigations at the intersection of political science, psychology, and computer science. The larger questions the team will focus its research on are related to the impacts of the digital transformation on the presentation, dissemination, and processing of information; and how this in turn affects opinion-forming processes, especially in the political context. Topics such as filter bubbles, echo chambers (or simply "information limiting environments"), fake news, and desensitization (in connection to hate speech) in relation to political views, radicalization, and polarization will be of interest to the team.

Currently, I am searching for a suitable Ph.D. student to work in the team. Specifications of the position can be found in the file annexed to this mail. 
Inquiries can be sent to me, Dr. Cornelia Sindermann, at jobs at iris.uni-stuttgart.de <mailto:jobs at iris.uni-stuttgart.de>.

I would be grateful if you could share the call with your networks and encourage anyone who you think might be interested to apply.

Best wishes, 
Cornelia Sindermann


Dr. Cornelia Sindermann
Ulm University
Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology
Institute of Psychology and Education
Helmholtzstr. 8/1
89081 Ulm

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.de/citations?hl=de&user=ymA6CQMAAAAJ&view_op=list_works&sortby=pubdate

OSF: https://osf.io/xt7pn/#! 

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